Online Tithing & Giving

Instructions for tithing online with Grplife

Step-by-Step Online Tithing and Giving

One of the many benefits of transitioning our church to the Grplife application is the ability to make tithes and offerings quickly and easily online.

Note: Unless you already have a Grplife account, do not try logging in. Instead, simply follow the instructions below. Once you complete your first payment, you will receive an email at the address you provide inviting you to create an account.

Click here to go to the Grplife giving form.

The FBCVV Grplife Giving Form looks like this:

View of the FBCVV Grplife online giving form.

(1) Fill in your name and (2) email address. Do not log in (3) if you do not already have a FBCVV Grplife account. After completing your first online giving, you will receive an email at the address you provide inviting you to create an account.

Step 1

(4) Under Category, click Nothing selected and choose the category (5) of your donation (e.g., Tithe & Offering).

 Step 2

(6) You may choose more than one category by clicking Nothing selected again. Once you've chosen all the categories that apply to your offering (7) you may assign a dollar amount to each category by typing in the amount field (8). The total of your offering (9) displays at the bottom of the section.

Step 3

Under Payment Method, click Nothing selected and choose your payment method (10). The first time you use this application, you must choose Debit/Credit. Once you have a FBCVV Grplife account, you may also choose ACH/Direct Debit to make payments by check. (11) Fill in your credit card information (card number, expiration date, CVC number, and billing Zip Code).

Step 4

(12) You may include an optional note if needed. Double-check your work and (13) click Give Now.

Step 5

You will receive a confirmation email with the details of your giving transaction. If you do not already have a FBCVV Grplife account, you will receive a second email inviting you to create an account.

Once you've created your FBCVV Grplife account, you may:

  • Log in prior to completing future transactions
  • Make payments by check (ACH/Direct Debit)
  • Set up recurring tithes & offerings in the amount and time frame of your choosing
  • View a complete history of your online giving through Grplife
  • Take advantage of many other features, including the church calendar, church social posts, and more!

Contact the church office at 707.448.6209 if you have questions about the FBCVV Grplife application.